History of Jarbrain

Over the years, some of our clients have asked about who or what is a 'Jarbrain'? Well, Adam Zygadlo during his university years were planning to produce a dozen of online episodes of animated comedy show called 'Jarbrain', where a group of strange lost aliens who lands on a blue and green planet called Earth to ask for directions to find their holiday destinations somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

Failing to acquire any information from the planets’ residents who simply ran away scared from the strangers, the aliens decided to walk back aboard to their spacecraft and leave the planet to seek help elsewhere.

However, during the flight back into space, one of the members miscalculated the planet's gravity force which caused the spacecraft to crash land back to the planet. The animated show follows these strange aliens who now need to gather funds and resources through human from this alternative surreal Earth, where they meet strange individuals on their adventures.

The spacecraft and our little robot who acts our mascot for the company is the by-product, as well as a representation of the show. Our little robot illustrates our brand and visual style based on the show, which became the icon of the production company as it stands to this day.

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